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The thumbpad is a Home Theater
your system. Discuss any non channel
A channel lineup change in the future will require a service call to reprogram a
Master exclusive control for both right
favorite label with your installer, so that
and left handed operators. When you
you understand how to use it.
are operating a device with any kind of
few pages of channel macros for your client. If the client approves the costs of
on screen menu, guide or display, the
To use the FAVORITE Menu:
thumbpad offers you easy one handed
control with your thumb. 
reprogramming whenever the channel lineup changes, then by all means
1. Press the FAV button. The top
title bar will now display FAV.
Simply rock your thumb in the
program channel macros in FAV. However, there are many other uses for FAV
direction you
wish to
move the
that will not be affected by channel lineup changes.
You don't have
Use the FAV button and the PAGE
to look at the remote control!
button to navigate through your var 
ious pages of FAVORITES. The FAV
To SELECT or say OK, simply press
button scrolls up from Page 1 to
Remember the advantage of FAV. Whenever you press the FAV button, the
your thumb straight down. You'll feel
Page 5, using the PAGE button
the click as the OK/SELECT/ENTER
scrolls down from Page 5 to Page 1.
command is sent.
As you select a new page, the bot 
MX 700/800 remembers the device you were last on. So, when you are finished
tom title bar will display the page
number (page 1, page 2, etc.)
Using FAV   Favorites
using FAV, you simply tap the MAIN button. The MX 700/800 will return to the
The favorites menu is created uniquely
for you by your custom installer. The
device and page you were last using! 
screen labeled buttons now issue
timed sequences of commands that
will reset your system with one touch.
Typically, the favorites menu is pro 
grammed with one touch  shortcut 
buttons that issue all of the necessary
FAV LCD buttons can do a macro with 1 to 190 steps. Thus it can issue (by
commands to change the channel of
your satellite dish or television. Thus,
instead of entering a two or three digit
programming a MACRO of one step) any single IR command that is learned or
number (which you must remember)
and the enter command, you simply
select the favorite button labeled HBO,
To EXIT Fav and return to the last
preprogrammed with one exception. FAV LCD buttons cannot issue an IR code
CNN, TNT etc.
activity/device selected, press the
MAIN button ONCE. To EXIT Fav
The Favorite menu can be programmed
and go to the MAIN Menu, press the
that must be sustained when the user presses and holds the button, like volume
with any favorite activity. It is not limited
MAIN button twice.
to channel favorites. Your custom
installer may invent a feature unique to
up. This makes FAV the perfect place to program one step macros to all of the
system components' Power commands. You train your customer to go to FAV to
turn individual components on and off. This is the recommended technique
Page 7 and 8 of the Owner's Manual
when the lack of discrete on and off codes makes macros unreliable.
describe how the FAV button navigates to
the Favorites pages.
Thhee  SSiiddeeK
Using the SideKick
In most systems, you will program the SideKick for watching TV or satellite.The
Turn on the back 
The SideKick
button labeling of the SideKick is best suited for that. However, the manual does
lighting by pressing
remote control offers
the LIGHT button on
the simplest way to
the right side of the
enjoy watching one of
say  typically.  Sometimes, a customer may rarely watch TV and usually watch
Home Theater
your favorite activities.
Master remote con 
Typically programmed
trol. The backlighting
for either TV or
DVD movies. Feel free to program the Channel up and down buttons with the
will stay on briefly,
Satellite viewing, it
then turn off auto 
does not replace the
matically. If you wish
, but it does
DVD Chapter commands, the A, B and C buttons with Play, Pause and Stop.The
to turn it off without
offer a comfortable,
waiting, simply tap
ultra simple interface
the LIGHT button
perfect for casual
Power On button can easily be programmed with a turn on macro that
users or children.
The ON button
configures the system to watch DVDs.
turns on your entire
home theater and sets it up to watch
* Note that your battery life is reduced
TV or Satellite (whatever is your
by how often you use the backlighting.
favorite). The OFF button turns the
entire system off. Remember to hold
Changing Contrast
the remote steady and pointed at the
Each of the SideKick's buttons can be programmed with the IR command or
system until all components are cor 
rectly powered on or off. Turning on
Press and Hold BOTH the MAIN and
the system may take ten to twenty
the UP thumbpad button at the same
macro of ANY MX 700/800 button. All can be macros, all can be IR com 
time to make the screen DARKER. 
  You can tell when to stop
mands, or any mix you can imagine. However, there is only one  page  of
pointing the SideKick
the command LED indicator
stops flashing. 
CHANNEL and VOLUME control but 
tons will operate the device pro 
grammed into these buttons.There are
also three Favorite buttons that take
you directly to your three favorites
(typically channels) with one button
press. The LIGHT button will light up
Press and Hold BOTH the MAIN and
the SideKick buttons for easy visibility
the DOWN thumbpad button at the
in low light conditions.
same time to make it LIGHTER.
Page 9 of the Owner's Manual describes
how backlighting and contrast adjust. Page
10 describes how to use the SideKick.

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