G e t t i n g   s t a r t e d
The graphic shows the location of the infrared port.
Communicator interface
Communicator keyboard
1   Application buttons. Each button starts the corresponding application, except My own key, which you can configure to open
any application. Press Ctrl+My own key to select the application you want the My own key to open. Note that you can open these
applications from Desk, too.
2   Character key. Opens a character table where you can select special characters. Press Chr+keys with blue symbols to access
characters and functions behind key combinations.
3   Help key. To get support using your device, press Chr+
4   Bluetooth key. To activate Bluetooth, press the Chr+
. To deactivate, press the Chr+
5   The Zoom keys. Pressing Chr+zoom keys makes the fonts and some icons larger or smaller.
6   Infrared key. To activate infrared, press Chr+
. To deactivate, press the Chr+
7   Menu key. Press the Menu key to open the menu or in multipage dialogs to move from one page to another.
8   Joystick. Move the joystick to the left, right, up or down to scroll through different lists. Press the center of the joystick to
select or to perform the function of an underlined command button. To change the acceleration or the speed at which the cursor
moves, select 
Control panel
Cursor settings
9   Sync key. Establish a connection, and press Chr+
 to synchronize your device with a compatible PC.
Tip: You can use the arrow keys or the joystick to move on the menus and the display, for example in the Web
application. The left arrow key is on the Bluetooth key (4), the up and down arrow keys on the zoom keys (5), and the
right arrow key on the infrared key (6).
Tip: Press Esc to cancel selections and close dialogs.
Tip: Press the backspace key to delete items such as calendar entries and messages. Press backspace to delete characters
on the left side of the cursor, or Shift+backspace to delete characters on the right side of the cursor.
The communicator display turns on when you open the cover. The application that was active the last time the device was used
is shown on the display. When you close the cover, the communicator display turns off.
Desk main view
1   Menu. Press the Menu key to open the menu. You can use the joystick or the arrow keys to move in the menu, and press
the enter key to select a menu option.
2   Folder. You can group applications, shortcuts, and notes to different folders. 
See "Creating new groups," p.21.
3   Scroll bar. For example, if you have a long file in 
, the scroll bar helps you estimate where you are in the file, and
how much of the file you can see. The longer the scroll bar, the more you can see of the file.
4   Command buttons. The commands on the right side of the display correspond to the command buttons. Note that when
a command is dimmed, it cannot be used.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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