G e t t i n g   s t a r t e d
To send a file, press Menu, and select 
. You can send a file as an e mail, fax, short message, or multimedia message;
or send them using infrared or Bluetooth.
To add a shortcut, press Menu, and select 
Add to Desk
. Scroll to the group to which you want to add the shortcut, and
. After you have selected the group, press 
. For example, you can add shortcuts to files or Web pages.
To print to a compatible printer, press Menu, and select 
. You can preview items that you want to print, or edit
the way printed pages look.
To cut, copy, and paste, press Menu, and select 
, and 
, and 
To delete a file, press Menu, and select 
To zoom in or out, press Menu, and select 
 and the zoom type you want. You can also press Chr+zoom keys to
zoom in or out.
To insert special characters to text, press the Chr key.
Tip:  To generate special characters by using certain unmarked keys, for example "a" or "o", press and hold the Chr key
and simultaneously press a letter key. The first special character matching the letter key is displayed. Press the letter
key again, and the second special character is shown in the place of the first one, and so on, until the first character is
shown again.
Cover phone
To view the most recently dialed numbers, press 
. Scroll to a number or name, and press 
 again to call the number.
To call your voice mailbox (network service), press and hold  .
To view received text messages, press the scroll key right.
To open the contacts list, press the scroll key down.
To write and send text messages, press the scroll key left.
To change the profile, press the power key briefly, and scroll to the profile you want. Press 
 to activate the profile. 
"Profile settings," p.68.
To switch between two phone lines (network service), press and hold  .
Display indicators
  The signal strength of the cellular network at your current location. The higher the bar, the stronger the signal.
  The battery charge level. The higher the bar, the stronger the charge in the battery.
  You have received a message.
  You have locked the cover phone keypad.
  You have locked the device.
  You have selected the silent profile, and the device does not ring for an incoming call or message.
  Bluetooth is activated.
  You have an active infrared connection. If the indicator blinks, your device is trying to connect to the other device, or the
connection has been lost.
  Your device is connected to a PC with a data cable.
  You have selected all your calls to be forwarded to another number.
 and    Indicates the phone line that you have selected in the 
Call settings
Line for outgoing calls
 menu, if you
have subscribed to two phone lines (network service).
  The timed profile is active. You can modify the profile settings, such as the ringing tones, in 
Control panel
See "Profile
settings," p.68.
  You have missed a phone call.
  You have an active alarm.
,  ,    A headset, handsfree, or loopset is connected to the device.
  A GPRS connection is active.
  A data call is active.
  IP passthrough is active.
  Your device is synchronizing.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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