Cover phone
With the cover phone, you can, for example, make and receive calls, and change profiles. Most of these features are also available
in the communicator interface.
Cover phone display, standby mode
For more advanced tasks, use the communicator interface which you can access by opening the cover. If you open the cover
during a call, the loudspeaker is activated. You can also use the applications during a call.
Making a call
To make and receive calls, the cover phone must be switched on, the device must have a valid SIM card installed, and you must
be located in a service area of the cellular network.
A GPRS connection is put on hold during voice calls.
To make a call, key in the phone number, including the area code. If you key in an incorrect character, press 
Tip: For international calls, press   twice to add the + character that replaces the international access code, and key
in the country code, area code (omit the leading 0, if necessary), and phone number.
To call the number, press the Call key. To end the call or cancel the call attempt, press the End key.
Tip: To adjust the volume during a call, press the scroll key right to increase or left to decrease the volume.
To make a call using the saved contacts, scroll down in standby mode. Key in the first letters of the saved name. Scroll to the
name, and press the Call key.
Tip: You can save new contacts in the 
 menu in the phone or in the 
Contacts directory
 dialog in the
communicator interface.
To call a recently dialed number, in standby mode, press the Call key to view up to 20 numbers that you have last called or
attempted to call. Scroll to the desired number or name, and press the Call key.
To call a phone number using 1 touch dialing when you have assigned the number to one of the keys 
 to  , do as follows:
Press the desired number key and the Call key in standby mode, or if the 
1 touch dialing
 function is set on, press and hold the
number key in standby mode until the call is started. To assign a phone number to a number key, press 
 in standby mode,
and select 
1 touch dialing
. To set the 
1 touch dialing
 function on, press 
 in standby mode, and select 
Call settings
1 touch dialing
To call your voice mailbox (network service), in standby mode, press and hold  , or press   and the Call key.
Answering a call
To answer a call, press the Call key.
To decline the call, press the End key. The call is forwarded if you have activated a call forward option such as 
Forward if busy
To mute a ringing tone instead of answering a call, press 
To answer a new call during a call when the 
Call waiting
 function is activated, press the Call key or 
. The first call is put
on hold. To end the active call, press the End key.
Options during a call
You can press 
 for some of the following functions during a call: 
End call
End all calls
New call
, and 
Lock keys
Other options during a call may include:
    Allows you to merge an active and a held call into a conference call (network service).
Private call
    Allows you to converse privately with a selected participant during a conference call (network service).
    Allows you to alternate between an active and a held call (network service).
Touch tones
   Allows you to send touchtone strings, for example, passwords. Key in the string or search for it in 
and press 
Note that you can key in the wait character w and the pause character p by repeatedly pressing  .
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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