C o v e r   p h o n e
Line for outgoing calls
 (network service)   select the phone line 1 or 2 for making calls. If you select 
Line 2
 and have not
subscribed to this network service, you are not be able to make calls. However, calls on both lines can be answered regardless
of the selected line. For example, you can have a private and a business line. You can also prevent the line selection, if supported
by your SIM card.
Tip:  In standby mode, you can switch between the phone lines by pressing and holding  .
To adjust phone settings, scroll to 
Telephone settings
, and select:
Cell info display
   to set the device to indicate when you use it in a cellular network based on Micro Cellular Network (MCN)
technology (network service).
Network selection
   to set the device to automatically select a cellular network available in your area. If you select
, you can select a network that has a roaming agreement with your home service provider.
Confirm SIM service actions
   to set the phone to show confirmation messages that are sent between your phone and your
service provider when you use SIM card services.
Note that accessing these services may involve sending a text message or making a phone call. You may be charged for these
Help text activation
   to set the phone to show help texts that guide you in using the menu functions of the cover phone.
Start up tone
   to play a tone when the cover phone is switched on.
To adjust phone security settings, scroll to 
Security settings
, and select:
PIN code request
   to set the phone to request your PIN code every time the phone is switched on. Note that some SIM cards
do not allow this setting to be changed.
Call restriction service
   to restrict calls (network service).
Select the desired all restriction option and set it on (
) or off (
), or check whether the option is active (
Closed user group
 (network service)   to specify a group of people whom you can call and who can call you. For more
information, contact your network operator or service provider. Select 
 to activate the default group agreed on with
the network operator, 
 if you want to use another group (you need to know the group index number), or 
When calls are limited to closed user groups, calls still may be possible to the official emergency number programmed into your
Access codes
   to change the security code, PIN code, PIN2 code, or barring password.
Lock if SIM card is changed
   to set the device to ask for the lock code when an unknown SIM card is inserted into your device.
The device maintains a list of SIM cards that are recognized as the owner s cards.
Lock system
   to lock the device. To unlock the device, press 
 >   in standby mode. 
See "Defining device lock settings,"
To adjust phone display settings, scroll to 
Display settings
, and select:
Color schemes
    to choose the color for some parts of the phone display, such as the indicators for the signal strength and
battery charge level.
Operator logo
   to display or hide the operator logo.
Screen saver timeout
   to set the period after which the screen saver is activated.
To adjust the time and date settings, scroll to 
Time and date settings
To set the function for the right selection key in standby mode, scroll to 
Right select key
, and select the desired function from
the list.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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