, you can view the contacts you have stored in the telephone directory, SIM card, or memory card. You can also
make phone calls, view recent calls, contact voice mailboxes, and define call settings.
Warning:  Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use, because the volume may be extremely
Making a call
To make and receive calls, the cover phone must be switched on, the device must have a valid SIM card installed, and you must
be located in a service area of the cellular network.
To make a call, go to 
, type the phone number, or select the contact from the list, and press 
To adjust the volume of the active call, press 
Audio controls
. Press 
Volume +
 to increase the volume or 
 to decrease it.
 when the volume is set.
To view calls you have recently made, answered, or missed, press 
Recent calls
, and select 
Dialed calls
Received calls
, or 
. To move from one dialog page to another, press Menu. To call a number, scroll to the number, and press 
To check your voice mail (network service), press 
Voice mailbox
Note that a GPRS connection is put on hold during voice calls.
Answering a call
You can see the name and telephone number of the incoming call (if allowed by the caller), or just the number if the number is
not included in your Contacts directory.
To answer the call, press 
Tip: If you want to have a private telephone conversation, use the hands free set or close the device cover.
To switch between an active call and a call on hold (network service), select the call that is on hold with the arrow keys, and
To mute the ringing tone , press 
To decline the call, press 
1 touch dialing
1 touch dialing allows you to make a call by pressing a number key and the Call key when the device cover is closed.
Press Menu, and select 
1 touch dials...
To assign a number key to a phone number, scroll to an 1 touch dialing key, and press 
Add number
. Select the desired number
from the Contacts directory.
To delete the phone number assigned to a number key, scroll to the 1 touch dialing key, and press 
Remove number
To modify a phone number assigned to a number key, scroll to the 1 touch dialing key, and press 
Change number
. Select the
desired number from the Contacts directory.
Making a conference call
In a conference call, you and up to five persons can hear each other simultaneously.
To make a conference call (network service), make a call, or answer an incoming call. During the call, make another call, or
answer another incoming call, and press 
Conference call
To view a list of conference call participants, press 
Conference commands
To mute a conference call, press 
To remove a participant from the conference call, scroll to the participant in the list, and press 
To have a private phone call with a participant, scroll to the participant in the list, and press 
Private call
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