T e l e p h o n e
Viewing dialed, received, and missed calls
You can view calls that you have recently dialed, received, or missed.
The phone saves missed and received calls only if the network supports these functions and if the phone is switched on and
within the network service area.
Recent calls
, and select 
Dialed calls
Received calls
, or 
Missed calls
To move from one dialog page to another, press Menu.
You can also view call information in the Log. 
See "Log," p.25.
To call a number, select a call in the list, and press 
To remove all calls from the list, press 
Clear all
To save the phone number of the call in your Contacts directory, select the number in the list, and press 
Add to Contacts
Sending touchtones
You can send touchtones during an active call to control your voice mailbox or other automated phone services.
To send a touchtone sequence, make a call, wait until the other end answers, press Menu, and select 
Send touch
. Select a predefined touchtone sequence, or type it.
Tip: You can attach touchtone sequences to contact cards. Go to 
, open a contact card, press 
Add field
, and
To insert a pause of about 2 seconds before, or between, touchtones, press the p key.
To set the device to send the touchtones only after you press 
Send tone
 during a call, press the w key.
Tip: You can also send tones by pressing the number keys. When the device cover is closed, you can press number keys
on the phone keypad to send tones.
Setting the offline profile
The offline profile prevents you from accidentally switching on your phone, making Internet connections, or using Bluetooth.
Important:  In offline profile you cannot make (or receive) any calls, or use other features that require GSM network
coverage. To make any calls, you must first activate the phone function by changing the profile. You may, however, be
able to make an emergency call in offline profile by pressing the power key on the cover of the device and then entering
the official emergency number. This can be done using the cover phone interface only, not the communicator interface.
If the device has been locked, enter the lock code to activate the phone function. When the device is locked, calls may
still be possible to the official emergency number.
Making an emergency call in offline profile or when the device is locked requires that the device recognizes the number
to be an official emergency number. It may be advisable to change the profile or unlock the device by entering the
lock code before you make the emergency call.
To activate the offline profile, go to 
, press Menu, and select   > 
To allow full communication again, press Menu, and select   > 
Exit Offline profile
. Then switch on the cover phone.
Tip: You can activate the offline profile in any application menu, or from the cover phone.
Call forwarding
You can forward incoming calls to your voice mailbox or to another phone number.
To forward voice calls, go to 
, press Menu, and select 
Voice call forwarding
Select one of the following forwarding options:
Forward all calls
    to forward all incoming calls
Forward if busy
   to forward incoming calls when you have an active call
Forward if out of reach
   to forward calls when the phone is either switched off or out of network coverage
Forward if not answered
   to forward calls after a certain time period. Define the time you let the phone ring before
forwarding the call in the 
Time delay
Tip:  To activate 
Forward if busy
Forward if out of reach
, and 
Forward if not answered
 in a single action, scroll to
Forward if not available
, and press 
To check the current forwarding status, scroll to the forwarding option, and press 
Check status
To stop forwarding voice calls, press 
Cancel all
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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