T e l e p h o n e
To change the phone line for outgoing calls (network service), scroll to 
Telephone line in use
, press 
, and select the phone
line. To be able to use this function, you need a SIM card that supports the alternate line service and a subscription to two phone
To prevent the phone line selection, scroll to 
Block line selection
, press 
, and select 
Voice mailbox settings
You can define the phone number of a voice mailbox and a touchtone sequence that you want to use with the mailbox (network
Press Menu, and select 
Voice mailboxes...
To define a phone number of the voice mailbox , scroll to 
, and type the phone number. You can obtain the number of
the voice mailbox service from your service provider.
Tip: If you want to use your voice mailbox abroad, add the plus sign and the country or region code to the phone number.
To define a touchtone sequence for the voice mailbox, scroll to 
Touch tone
, and type the tone sequence.
In the 
, you can view information, such as sent and received text messages and made and received calls, about the
communication history of a device.
To access the Log, press Menu, and select 
Shortcut: You can press Shift+Ctrl+L to open the Log in most applications.
To use the 
 information, press 
. You can answer text messages, faxes, or calls or add the caller or sender of a message
to your contacts by pressing the appropriate button.
To select the type of communication that you want to view, for example, only phone calls, press 
Filter by type
To view Log events by direction, select 
Filter by direction...
. You can, for example, view all communication, or view only
incoming communication, outgoing communication, or missed communication.
To sort the Log information in a different order, press Menu, and select one of the two options in 
Sorting order
To view detailed information about a communication event, press 
. For example, you can see the type, direction, and
subject of a message, or the phone number of the caller or sender of a message.
To clear the contents of the Log, press Menu, and select 
Clear log...
To specify how long log events remain in the Log before they are deleted, press Menu, and select 
Log duration...
To copy a number from Log, press Menu, and select 
Copy number
. You can paste the number to a new contact card or
To view the amount of data sent and received with GPRS, press Menu, and select 
GPRS data counter
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