, you can create, send, receive, view, edit, and organize text messages, multimedia messages, e mail messages,
fax messages, and special text messages containing data, such as settings or bookmarks of Web pages. You can also receive
messages and data using Bluetooth or Infrared, receive service messages, cell broadcast messages, and send service commands.
Before you can send or receive messages:
  The cover phone must be switched on, the device must have a valid SIM card installed, and you must be located in a service
area of the cellular network. The device cover can either be open or closed.
  The network you are using must support fax calls, data calls, and the Short Message Service if you want to use these.
  The fax, data and Short Message Service must be activated for your SIM card.
  The Internet access point (IAP) settings must be defined. 
See "Internet setup," p.72.
  The e mail settings must be defined. 
See "E mail account settings," p.29.
  The short message settings must be defined. 
See "Text message settings," p.32.
  The multimedia message settings must be defined. 
See "Multimedia message account settings," p.34.
Contact your service provider, network operator or Internet service operator for the correct settings.
Tip: When you take your Nokia 9300 into use, it may recognize the SIM card provider and configure the correct text
message, multimedia message, and GPRS settings automatically. You may need to contact your network operator to
activate multimedia messages and GPRS before they become available.
Messaging center
The main view of Messaging has two frames: the list of folders on the left, and the messages from the selected folder on the
right. Press the tab key to move between the frames.
Folders in the Messaging main view:
   contains all received messages except e mails and SIM card and cell broadcast messages. E mail messages are stored
in the remote mailbox.
   contains messages waiting to be sent.
   stores draft messages that have not been sent.
   stores messages that have been sent, except those sent using Bluetooth.
Any remote mailboxes that you define are shown last in the list of folders.
Writing and reading messages
To view a message, select the message, and press 
To expand a folder to full display size, press 
Open folder
To write a new message, press 
Write message
. Select the type of message, and press 
To reply to the sender and all recipients of an e mail, press Menu, and select 
Reply to all
To forward a received message, select the message, press Menu, and select 
. Note that it may not be possible
to forward all messages.
Tip: You can also forward messages from the 
 folder using this method.
To mark a message as read or unread, press Menu, select 
, and select 
As read
As unread
To retrieve messages from your SIM card, press Menu, and select 
SIM messages
. SIM messages are text messages,
that have been stored on your SIM card.
You may not be able to print all message types, for example multimedia messages or other special message types.
To sort messages in a specific order, press Menu, and select one of the options in the 
Sort by
To print a message, press Menu, and select 
To change the page layout before printing, press Menu, and select 
Page setup...
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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