M e s s a g i n g
Managing messages
To create a new folder for messages, press Menu, and select 
New folder...
. Enter a 
Folder name
, select where the folder
should be created, and press 
. Note that you cannot create subfolders in Inbox, Outbox, or Sent folders, except in IMAP4
remote Outbox, and Sent folders when online. IMAP 4 is a standard protocol for accessing e mail on your remote server. With
IMAP4, you can conduct searches, create, delete and manage messages and folders on the server.
To rename a folder, select the folder, press Menu, and select 
Rename folder...
. Enter the new name, and press 
Note that you can only rename folders that you have created.
To move a message, select the message, press Menu, and select 
. Scroll to a new folder, and press 
. If you want
to move the message to a subfolder, select the main level folder, and press 
To search for messages, press Menu, and select 
. Enter the text for which you want to search, and press 
To refine your search, press 
Avoiding low memory
You should regularly delete messages from Inbox and Sent folders, and delete retrieved e mail from the device memory to free
up memory space.
To delete e mails from the device, press Menu, and select 
Delete e mails locally...
. Press 
, and select the e mail
you want to delete. For example, you can delete all e mail or only e mail that was received more than two weeks ago. Press
Delete now
 to delete the e mails.
Tip: Use this method to delete e mail only from the device. The original e mail remains on the server. If you delete e 
mails with the 
 command button in Messaging, the messages you delete are permanently deleted from the
device and your remote mailbox the next time you go online.
To delete e mail both from the device and from the remote server, open an e mail, and press 
To empty the 
 folder automatically, press Menu, and select 
Sent items storage...
. Set 
Delete sent items
, and enter the number of days after which the device empties the folder.
E mail
To write and read e mail, go to 
The Nokia 9300 mail system is compliant with Internet standards SMTP, IMAP4 (rev 1), and POP3.
To receive and send mail, you must set up a remote mailbox service. This service may be offered by an Internet service provider,
a network service provider, or your company.
Before you can send, receive, retrieve, reply to, and forward mail on your device, you must do the following:
  You must configure an Internet access point (IAP) correctly. 
See "Internet setup," p.72.
  You must define your mail settings correctly. 
See "E mail account settings," p.29.
Follow the instructions from your remote mailbox and Internet service providers. Contact your network and Internet service
providers or operator for the correct settings.
Working online and offline
Working online means working with your device connected to a remote mailbox through an Internet connection. When online,
you can delete, rename, or create new folders in your remote mailbox. When you work offline, which means that your device
is not connected to a remote mailbox, you can delete only messages, not folders.
Note that any changes you make in the remote mailbox folders while offline take effect in your remote mailbox the next time
you go online and synchronize.
If you delete an e mail from your device when offline, the e mail will be deleted from the remote mailbox the next time you
connect to the mailbox. You can delete a message from your device to save memory. 
See "Avoiding low memory," p.27.
Managing your e mail offline enables you to save in connection costs and work in conditions that do not allow a data connection.
If you work in conditions where one connection becomes unavailable, you can change the connection.
Changing the Internet connection
If your connection becomes unavailable, you may need to change the connection.
To use another connection, press Menu, and select 
Change connection
. Scroll to a new connection, and press 
Note that you must select an e mail account and be online before you can change the connection, and that the connection is
changed only for that account.
You are asked for confirmation if your current connection becomes unavailable, if you have not set the device to change
connection automatically. 
See "E mail account settings," p.29.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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