M e s s a g i n g
Retrieving e mail
E mail addressed to you is not automatically received by your device, but by your remote mailbox. To read your e mail, you must
first connect to the remote mailbox and then select the e mails you wish to retrieve into your device. Connection to a remote
mailbox is established using data call, GPRS, or IP passthrough. 
See "Connectivity," p.86.
Note that e mail that you mark as deleted when offline will also be deleted from the remote mailbox server when the device
is online again. You can delete local e mail without deleting remote mailbox files. 
See "Avoiding low memory," p.27.
To retrieve e mail from a remote server, scroll to your mailbox, and press 
Retrieve e mail
Mail headers (stay online)
   to retrieve only the sender, date and subject information.
   to retrieve entire e mails without the attachments. This is available only if 
E mail account type
 is IMAP4.
Messages and attachments
   to retrieve all e mails and the attachments they contain.
 to go online and retrieve the mails.
If you have created subfolders in your IMAP4 mailboxes, you can view those folders with your device. To be able to view folders
in your IMAP4 mailbox, establish an Internet connection, press Menu, and select 
Folder subscriptions...
. Note that you
can only subscribe to folders in your IMAP4 mailboxes.
To view a remote folder, select a folder, and press 
. Every time you go online the subscribed folders are updated. Note
that this may take a lot of time if the folders are large.
To update the list of folders, press 
Update list
Reading and replying to e mail
To reply to an e mail, press 
Tip: If an e mail contains Web addresses, e mail addresses, or phone or GSM numbers, you can use them. For example,
you can select a Web address or a phone number, and press the appropriate command button to open the Web page,
send e mail or call the number.
To add new contacts to your Contacts directory, select the sender or a recipient from the header fields, press Menu, and
Add to Contacts...
Tip: If you reply to an e mail that contains attached files, the attachments are not included in the reply. If you forward
the received e mail, attachments are included.
To forward an e mail, press Menu, and select 
To print an e mail, press Menu, and select 
E mail attachments
Important:  E mail messages may contain viruses or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC. Do not open any
attachment if you are not sure of the trustworthiness of the sender
To open an attachment, select the attachment, and press 
To save an attachment, select the attachment, and press 
To delete an attachment, select the attachment, and press 
Delete locally
. Note that a copy of the attachment remains on the e 
mail server.
Changing e mail replying and viewing preferences
Open a received e mail, and press 
To include the text of the received e mail in your replies, select 
Include message in reply
, press 
, and select 
To define the font type or size of text, select the appropriate field, and press 
. Choose the new font type or size, and press
E mail account settings
Any changes you make to e mail settings affect the way your e mail is sent and received.
Press Menu, select 
Account settings...
, and press 
Create new
Scroll to the type of account that you want to create, and press 
Tip: You can create 
E mail
Remote e mail
 accounts. When you create an e mail to send from your Nokia 9300, you
use the e mail account. When you synchronize the device with Nokia PC Suite, you use the remote e mail account.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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