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Receiving multimedia messages
Important:  Multimedia message objects may contain viruses or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC. Do not
open any attachment if you are not sure of the trustworthiness of the sender.
Multimedia messages are received in your Inbox, and you can open or reply to them as to other messages.
You can receive multimedia messages containing objects unsupported by your device, but you cannot view them. You can,
however, try to forward these messages to another device that supports such objects.
To view a list of multimedia attachments in a message, press Menu, and select 
To save a multimedia object, select the object, and press 
Copy to
To play a multimedia object, select the object, and press 
Multimedia message account settings
Go to 
, press Menu, and select 
Account settings...
. Scroll to 
MMS service
, and press 
On the 
 page, define the following settings:
Internet access
   Select the Internet access point (IAP) connection you want to use for sending messages.
   Enter the address of the multimedia messaging center.
Receive report
   Select whether you want to receive a notification when the message has been successfully delivered to the
recipient. Receiving a delivery report of a multimedia message that has been sent to an e mail address may not be possible.
Sending time
   Select when you want the multimedia message to be sent.
Validity period
   Select how long the messaging center tries to send the message. If the recipient of a message cannot be
reached within the validity period, the message is removed from the multimedia messaging center. 
 is the maximum
amount of time allowed by the network. Note that the network must support this feature.
On the 
 page, define the following settings:
Multimedia reception
   Select when you want to receive multimedia messages. For example, you can receive multimedia
messages always or only in your home network.
On receiving messages
 if you want to receive multimedia messages. The reception of multimedia messages is
on by default. Select 
 if you want the multimedia messaging center to save the messages to be retrieved later. Change
this setting to 
 when you want to retrieve the messages. Select 
 if you want to reject multimedia messages. The
multimedia messaging center will delete the messages.
Receive advertisements
   Select whether you want to receive messages defined as advertisements.
Receive anonymous messages
   Select whether you want to receive messages from unknown senders.
On the 
 page, define the following settings:
Compress images
   Select whether you want to compress images that you include in your multimedia messages.
Compression may make the multimedia message size smaller.
To send a fax, press 
Write message
. Scroll to 
, and press 
. Press 
, and select the recipient from the 
. You can also enter the number yourself. Write the message, and press 
To change the font and format of fax text, press Menu, and select 
, or 
To add a document, sheet or image to a fax, press 
Insert object
. Note that it may not always be possible to insert a document
to a fax. If you want to send a document as a fax, use the 
Via fax
 option in 
To print a fax, press Menu, and select 
. Check that the printing settings are correct, and press 
Setting sending options for a fax
To change the fax sending options, start writing a fax, press Menu, and select 
Sending options...
On the 
Fax cover page
, you can define what the first page of the fax looks like. Note that if you change the fax cover page,
information you have already entered in the header of the current fax may be removed.
Send fax
, you can define when the fax is sent. Note that if you select 
Upon request
, you must open Outbox and send the fax
from there.
To view a received fax, select the fax, and press 
. Press the arrow keys to scroll the fax.
To rotate a fax, press 
To zoom in or out, press 
Zoom in
Zoom out
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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