D o c u m e n t s
To edit or create a new paragraph style, press 
. Select the style you want to edit, and press 
. Press 
 to create a new
style. Give the new style a name, and specify the font, bullet, border, and spacing properties.
To change the paragraph style, move the cursor inside a paragraph, and press 
. Select the new style, and press 
Inserting and editing objects
Objects in text documents are not links, but embedded attachments, which may increase the file size of the document
dramatically. Some object types are displayed as icons only.
To insert an object into a document, press 
Insert object
. Select from the list the type of object you want to insert. Press 
 to open the corresponding editor and create a new object or press 
Insert existing
 to open a list of existing files. Only those
files that can be inserted are listed. Select a file, and press 
To resize an image, select the image, press Menu, and select 
Object details...
. On the 
 page, you can
specify the width and height of the image, or resize the image by a specific percentage. On the 
 page, you can crop the
image. Note that you cannot resize icons.
To open an object for viewing or editing, select the object, and press the enter key.
To remove an object from a document, select the object, and press the backspace key.
Viewing tables
You can open tables created with Microsoft Word for Windows in a separate view.
To view tables in a separate view, move the cursor below the table, press the right arrow key toselect the table, and press the
enter key.
To copy the table, press 
To exit the table view, press 
Using templates
You can use templates and save documents as templates. For example, you may have a company template which defines a
particular layout.
To save a document as a template, press Menu, and select 
Save as template...
To select a template, press Menu, and select 
New document
Use template...
. Browse for the folder where the template
is saved.
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