, you can create and view scheduled events and appointments. You can also set alarms to calendar entries.
Calendar, Month view
You can synchronize your calendar data with a compatible computer using PC Suite on the product CD ROM. For information on
synchronization, see the PC Suite guide.
You can also synchronize calendar data with compatible phones. 
See "Data transfer," p.83.
Creating calendar entries
There are four types of calendar entries:
  Meeting entries are entries that have a specific date and time.
  Memo entries are related to the whole day, not to a specific time of day. Memo entries do not appear in the Weekly time
schedule view.
  Anniversary entries remind you of birthdays and special dates. They are repeated every year.
  To do notes remind you of things to do. They can be prioritized and organized into to do lists.
To create a calendar entry, select the date, press Menu, and select 
New entry
. Select the type of entry you want to create.
Note that available settings for meeting, memo, anniversary, and to do note entries vary.
Define the settings on the following pages:
 page   You can enter a description and specify a date for the entry. To set a specific start and end time, select 
 page   You can enter extra information for the calendar entry. The icon   is added to the entry.
 page   You can set an alarm for the entry. Select the 
Set alarm
 field and 
. Enter the alarm time and the number of
days before the entry you want the alarm to go off. If you have a meeting entry that is linked to a specific time, enter in the
Time before
 field the amount of time before the meeting you want the alarm to go off. Note that you can set an alarm for a
to do note only if you have set a due date on the 
 page   You can specify whether you want the entry to be repeated and when. Define the repeat type, frequency, and
possible ending date.
 page   You can define a color and symbol for the entry, define status, as well as specify whether you want to
synchronize the entry. If the status of an entry is uncertain, mark it as 
. You can cross out an entry if it has been
completed. Crossing out an entry does not remove it from the calendar. If you select 
 in the 
 field, the
details of the entry will not be shown to others when you connect to a network and synchronize your calendar.
Tip: Another way to create a calendar entry is to start typing your entry when you have opened 
. As you enter
characters, the default entry dialog opens.
Tip: Make sure you have selected the correct city in the 
 application, because scheduled calendar entries may
change when the current city is changed and is on another time zone.
To open and edit an entry, select the entry, and press 
. Edit the details on the various pages.
Calendar icons
The following icons are used in 
  Repeating entry
  Tentative entry
  To do note
  To do note with high importance
  To do note with low importance
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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