Instant messaging
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Instant messaging
IM allows you to chat with others on the Internet and is compatible with the following IM services: AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo.
If IM is not available from your wireless service provider, it may not appear in the menu of your mobile device. Contact your
service provider for more information about signing up for IM services and costs for services.
IM is different from SMS or e mail because you can have a two way or group conversation where all messages within the
conversation are displayed in one screen as an ongoing dialogue. The contact list feature shows you when your friends, family
members, and colleagues are online and available to exchange instant messages. Select the name, write the message, and send
it. Your message stays on the screen and when your friend, family, or colleague replies, the reply appears on the screen above
your original message so that you can track the conversation.
With the IM application, you sign on to an IM service to exchange quick messages with others who are online. You can manage
a list of contacts, view the availability (online, away, offline) of each contact, receive status updates, and share your own
availability. In addition, you can have multiple point to point conversations and/or multiple group conversations at the same
time. Conversations can be saved for future reference. Finally, the IM application provides search functionality; you can conduct
a search on IM users or on groups, and initiate actions based on the search results.
For more information on the availability of IM settings, contact your network operator, service provider, or nearest authorized
Nokia dealer.
Tip:  IM contacts are not the same as phonebook contacts on your mobile device. Phonebook contacts do not contain
IM contact information.
IM main application view
When login to an IM service is complete, your contact list for the service provider is retrieved automatically. If your contact list
is not available, wait a few minutes and try to retrieve your contact list manually.
The IM view changes depending on your activity. The set of frames displayed on the main window after you log in is different
from the set of frames displayed when you are in a conversation with another IM user. After you log in, the folder frame is on
the left side, and the current conversation frame is in the middle. Command buttons are always shown on the right side.
Navigating in IM   To switch between frames, press Tab. To move around inside a frame, scroll up or down. To expand a folder,
scroll right. To collapse a folder, scroll left.
Tip:  Icons and text may appear different for each IM service.
To start an IM session online, select a service provider in the main window and 
. In the login dialog, type your user ID and
password for the service provider, and select 
. An IM service provider may require the user ID to be in the format
username@domain.com. The user ID can be up to 50 characters. The password can be up to 20 characters.
To retrieve your IM contact list from the server, press Menu, and select 
Fetch contact list
Active conversation view
To begin a conversation, select 
New convers.
 You can start a new conversation while you are inside another active conversation.
However, you cannot have two active conversations with the same contact.
To save a conversation, press Menu, and select 
. The conversation is saved as a text file that can be opened
Sending an instant message
To send a message with IM, select a contact from the 
Online contacts
 folder and select 
Send IM
. Type a message, and select 
Viewing online contacts only
To view a list of your IM contacts that are currently online, expand the 
Online contacts
 folder on the left side of the main view.
Scroll through the list to see the availability status, 
, for each contact.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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