C o n t r o l   p a n e l
Go to 
Control panel
1 touch dials
See "1 touch dialing," p.22.
Voice call forwarding
See "Call forwarding," p.23.
Voice call restriction
See "Call restriction," p.24.
Voice mailboxes
See "Voice mailbox settings," p.25.
Other settings
See "Call, network, and phone line settings," p.24.
Profile settings
You can adjust and customize the device tones for different events, environments, or caller groups.
To modify a profile, select 
Profile settings
. Select a profile in the list, and press 
. To create a new profile, press
. Define the settings on the different pages of the 
Profile settings
 dialog. Note that not all settings can be changed for all
Define the following:
   You can rename a profile, and give it any name you want. The 
 profiles cannot be renamed.
Ringing type
   If you select 
, the ringing volume starts from level one and increases level by level to the set volume
Ringing tone
 to select a ringing tone from the list. If the sound file is located on the memory card or in
another folder, press 
 to search for the file. To listen to the selected tone, press 
. If you have two alternate phone
lines in use, you can specify a ringing tone for each line.
Personal tones
 if you want to use the personal ringing tones of callers that you have set in Contacts.
Clock alarm
   Select an alarm tone that is used with the alarm clock. Similarly, you can specify an alarm tone for calendar
alarms and received text, multimedia, and fax messages.
Keyboard tone
   Set the volume level of the communicator keyboard.
Telephone keys tone
   Set the volume level of the phone keypad.
Notification tones
   Set the tones made by the device when, for example, the battery is running out of power.
Play ringing tone for
   You can set the phone to ring only upon calls from phone numbers that belong to a selected contact
group. Phone calls coming from outside that group will have a silent alert.
SIM access profile
With the SIM access profile, you can access the SIM card of your smartphone from a compatible car kit phone. This way, you do
not need a separate SIM card to access SIM card data and connect to the GSM network.
To use the SIM access profile, you need:
  a compatible car kit phone that supports Bluetooth
  a valid SIM card in your smartphone
See "Bluetooth," p.86.
For more information on car kit phones and compatibility with your smartphone, see www.nokia.com. See also the user guide
of your car kit phone.
Using the SIM access profile
1. Activate Bluetooth in your smartphone. Go to 
Control panel
. Select the
 page, scroll to 
Bluetooth active
, and select 
2. Scroll to 
Remote SIM access
, and select 
3. Activate Bluetooth in the car kit phone.
4. Use your car kit phone to start a search for compatible devices. For instructions, see the user guide of your car kit phone.
5. Select your smartphone from the list of compatible devices.
6. Enter the Bluetooth passcode shown on the display of the car kit phone to your smartphone to pair the devices.
7. Authorize the car kit phone. Go to 
Control panel
, and select the 
 page. Select the car kit phone, and press 
. In the 
Device authorized
 field, select 
. Connections between your
smartphone and the car kit phone can be made without separate acceptance or authorization. If you select 
, connection
requests from this device must be accepted separately every time.
Tip: If you have already accessed the SIM card from the car kit phone with the active user profile, the car kit phone
automatically searches for the device with the SIM card. If this device is your smartphone, and automatic authorization
is activated, the car kit phone finds the smartphone, and automatically connects to the GSM network when you switch
on the car ignition.
When you have activated the SIM access profile, you cannot use the cover phone of your smartphone. However, you can use
applications on the communicator interface that do not need network or SIM services.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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