C o n t r o l   p a n e l
Some Internet connections may appear inactive, but they may still be sending and receiving data in the background. These
connections may postpone the closing of the connection.
Select the 
 page, and define the settings.
Ask before connecting
   If you select 
, a dialog appears every time you connect to the Internet, asking you to confirm
the connection or to change the Internet access point.
GPRS operating mode
Always on
 to keep the GPRS connection in alert mode and to switch the packet data transfer
on quickly when needed. If you select 
On when needed
, the device uses a GPRS connection only when you start an application
or action that needs it. Note that if there is no GPRS coverage and you selected 
Always on
, the device will periodically try to
establish a GPRS connection.
To change the priority of Internet access points, select 
Internet setup
. Press 
, select an Internet access
point, and press 
Move up
Move down
. When you establish a data connection, the access points are searched for in the order
you have specified.
Selecting an Internet access point
When you establish an Internet connection, you are asked to select the Internet access point you want to use for that connection.
In the 
Network connection
 dialog, select an Internet access point from the list, and press 
. Before connecting, you can
filter the list of access points according to the network type. To view all Internet access points, select 
All networks
. To view
Internet access points that are currently available, press 
Show available
. For example, if you are using the 
 profile, no
GPRS or GSM Internet access points are shown in the list.
Tip: The 
Network connection
 dialog opens only if you have selected 
 in the 
Ask before connecting
 field in the general
Internet access point settings. To check the status of the setting, select 
Control panel
, and
Internet setup
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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