P e r s o n a l i z i n g   y o u r   d e v i c e
To rearrange the functions in the list, press 
, and select 
. Scroll to the function that you want to move, press
, and select where you want to move the function.
You can arrange the Desk in several ways. You can move applications to different groups from their original groups, create new
groups, rename old groups, and modify the icons and names of the applications. You can also change the background image
on Desk. 
See "Desk," p.21.
My own key
You can configure the My own key to open the application of your choice. 
See "My own key," p.66.
Wallpapers and color schemes
You can set a background image to your cover display and communicator display. There are several wallpapers ready to use.
See "Wallpapers," p.66.
You can also change the color schemes of your device. Changing the color scheme in Control panel affects the colors on your
communicator interface.
See "Display," p.66.
 Use the 
 menu on the cover phone to change the color scheme of the cover
phone side. 
See "Settings ," p.19.
Copyright   2005 Nokia. All Rights Reserved.

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