biological data. Remember to give it a different name from that used for the
biological data set.
Close the spreadsheet data file before opening the data in ECOM   otherwise you
will get an I/O error 32   access denied.
Run ECOM from the Start menu or by clicking on the executable file.
From the Biological File drop down menu select Open Biological and choose your
biological data file.
From the Environmental File drop down menu select Open Environmental and
choose the data file holding the environmental (physical) data. These are the
independent variables.
The data will now open into the grids that can be seen by clicking on the tabs
labelled Sample/Species Data and Environmental Data respectively. Before
choosing a method it is wise to check your data for columns that sum to zero
(samples with no species) and rows that sum to zero (species not found in any
sample). First click on the Working Sample/Species Data tab. To remove zero
sum rows or columns, select  Handling zeroes    Delete 0 rows or Delete 0
columns in the Type of adjustment panel below the data. Once an adjustment has
been made remember to click on the Submit button to create a data set for
Undertake any transformations or relativisations you may wish in the working
data tabs for either the biological or environmental data. Note that any changes
undertaken on the working data will not change the raw data.
10. From the drop down menus select the method you wish to use and, using the
tabbed windows, examine the output.
11. Use File|Print to print output and Edit|Copy to copy a graph to a file or the
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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