Installation and requirements
Installation and requirements
 System requirements
 Methods offered by ECOM
System requirements
ECOM runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP operating systems.
Minimum of 64 MB of ram.
SVGA screen. To view the images the screen must run at a minimum of 256 colours.
 does not limit the size of your data set, however your hardware will. To use
 with very large data sets (1000 or more species or samples) you will need a
fast modern machine with 256 MB memory or more.
Methods offered by ECOM
ECOM offers a range of related techniques for analysing the structure of communities
and the distribution of individual species in relation to environmental variables. These
are multiple regression, Redundancy Analysis (RA) and Canonical Correspondence
Analysis (CCA). For more information about these techniques see
Canonical Correspondence Analysis
Multiple Regression
Stepwise Regression
Redundancy Analysis
. The program also offers a range of
simple statistics and a scatter plotting option.
There are a number of different ways in which the output from Redundancy Analysis
and Canonical Correspondence Analysis can be scaled for plotting. The output from RA
can be chosen to scale to produce either a distance or correlation biplot, while for CCA
it can be scaled with sites at the species centroids or vice versa.
1. Place the ECOM CD in your CD drive: the installation process should begin
automatically   follow the on screen instructions.
2. If the CD does not auto play, browse the CD in Windows Explorer or My
Documents and double click file named Setup.exe in the root directory.
3.  When installation is complete, there will be a ECOM entry under Start: Programs.
An uninstall facility will also be created, in case you wish to remove the program.
When installation is complete there will be a ECOM group on your Start
button/Programs menu, and a folder (directory) on your hard disk which holds the
ECOM program and demo data files. An uninstall program will also be created, should
you should desire to remove the program.
User preferences
ECOM 2.0 now gives you more control over the display and handling of your data.
From the Edit menu, choose Preferences to show the following screen.
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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