Save Both As : To save both the biological and the environmental datasets under
new names, with the option of saving as a csv file or an xls file.
Print : gives access to a wide range of 
printing options
Import from Excel
ECOM 2.0 offers the ability to load data directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
It is important, however, that a number of points are observed:
1. If you are using a multiple worksheet version of Excel, the data will be imported
from the worksheet that was visible when the workbook was last saved.
2. The data should be present as a contiguous rectangular block, starting at Cell A1.
3. Cell A1 itself should be empty, with sample names present in Row 1 and variable
(species) names present in Column 1.
4. The import procedure ignores formulae in cells and imports the visible values.
5. Ensure that all cells within the contiguous block, leftwards and downwards from
cell B2 contain numerical data.
6. ECOM can import directly from Excel whether Excel is open or not, provided the
worksheet has been saved.
Demonstration data sets
Three demonstration data sets are placed on your hard disc during installation. Each
consists of a pair of files which must both be opened to run the analysis.
Demonstration 1
Dune_species.csv and Dune_enviro.csv hold the dune meadow data used by Jongman
et al.
Demonstration 2
Test_species.csv and Test_enviro.csv hold the demonstration data used by Legendre
& Legendre
Demonstration 3
Hinkley_species.csv and Hinkley_enviro.csv hold actual data on fish and climatic
conditions at Hinkley in the Severn Estuary.
These demonstration data sets allow the user to test the program and, by opening
these files in Excel or another spreadsheet, see how the data are organised. All
demonstration files can be deleted without affecting the program.
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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