Creating and editing data sets
Excel or many other spreadsheets, word processors, database programs etc. We
recommend that you organise large data sets using a spreadsheet program such as
Excel as this will give access to a wide range of sorting and editing procedures to ease
your task.
The above table shows you how the data will look in Excel. Note both the order of the
variables and their type. The samples are arranged in columns. Each sample has a
title field. Start the first sample in column 2. The data consists of the number of
individuals observed in the sample. Put in zeros and make all the values integers. The
species names are input from row 2 in column 1. When using Excel use the Save as
function to save your data as a *.csv file. Ensure that the work sheet you are saving
only holds the tabulated data for analysis. If your data set has been created using the
convention that a blank cell means zero then use the find and replace function
available in all common spreadsheets to search for blanks and replace them with 0
The data set above looks like this if viewed in a word processor program:
Note the leading comma on the first row, which will make the first cell blank.
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Demonstration data sets
Opening a data set
Data entry from within ECOM
Large data files
If you are planning to use large datasets with ECOM then you may find the PISCES
LIST COMBINER very useful indeed. Excel has a limit of 255 columns per worksheet.
LIST COMBINER will take all your worksheets and combine them all into one large csv
file (summing and sorting the values for each variable along the way) ready to load
directly into ECOM. See 
 for more details.
Data entry from within ECOM
Data sets can be created and edited within ECOM. To create a new data set select
File| New from the pull down menus. A dialog window called Input Grid Variables will
open with which you specify the number of sites, species and environmental
variables. After you have entered the numbers, click on OK and the data grids will be
created for data entry.
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