For each sample there are two sets of scores and both are presented in the grid. The
upper set of scores, labelled  Scores derived from the species scores  are calculated
using the species data. The lower set labelled  Scores that are linear combinations of
environmental variables and weights  are derived from the linear combinations of the
environmental variables. The column labelled  Row sum weights  is the total sum of
the observations for each environmental variable and gives the weighting applied to
each environmental variable during the calculations.
These results can be printed or exported from the File menu and copied from the Edit
menu. See 
Export Active Grid
Ordination Plot
This tab shows the ordination plot of the species and site scores. The graph can also
show the environmental vectors. It will produce a figure that can be used to interpret
the similarity between sites in terms of their species composition and species in terms
of their habitat requirements. When the tab is first selected the graph will show
species, sites and environmental vectors plus their labels.
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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