detected, will take to you a screen that details the problem and allows you to remove
one of the correlated variables.
Backward Stepwise Linear Regression
Backward stepwise regression starts with all explanatory variables included the
model. It then removes the least significant explanatory variable, that is, the one with
the highest p value, at each step, until all variables have been added. By scrutinising
the overall fit of the model variables will be automatically removed until the optimum
model is found.
Load both your species and your environmental datasets as described in
Opening a data set
From the Regression menu on the Toolbar select Backward Stepwise. A list of
dependent variables (usually species) is displayed.
Select the species against which you wish to test your environmental variables.
Click OK to run the analysis and display the results on the Regression tab.
The results report shows the sequences of the procedure as Steps:
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