Programs for ecologists by PISCES Conservation Ltd
Fitting of log series, log normal, geometric and broken stick abundance models
Ability to generate simulated data
4 beta diversity measures
Freshwater quality measures including BMWP, ASPT & Irish quality rating.
Species diversity and Richness offers
An attractive user interface.
Extensive help system.
Easy data importation.
High quality graphical output.
and is ideal for
Community ecology research.
Undergraduate teaching.
Applied ecologists.
Ecologists with limited computer experience.
 is a Windows  program that offers a range of graphical and analytical
techniques commonly used by biologists, geologists and archaeologists for the
analysis of circular data.
Axis implements the principal graphical methods and statistical tests described by
Fisher (1993) in Statistical Analysis of Circular Data. Periodic data of many kinds can
be represented and analysed using the methods available within Axis.
While compass bearings are the most obvious examples of circular data, other
examples would be the time of events over a 24 hour period and the occurrence of
activity over the lunar cycle.
Available plots within Axis include linear, circular and angular histograms, and
optional smoothing by Fast Fourier Transform. Tests include: correlation between
samples, uniformity or randomness, and specified mean direction. Simulated data
sets can be created conforming to various distributions.
Axis has extremely versatile graphing capabilities, and can export images in .emf,
.jpg, .png or .bmp formats. Tabulated data can be exported as plain text, .csv, or .xls
files which will load into Excel or other spreadsheets   or even in HTML format.
Data sets can be imported from standard spreadsheets such as Excel, or created
within the program.
Fuzzy Grouping
Fuzzy Grouping
 is a Windows  program that offers fuzzy clustering methods that
are now becoming used by community ecologists. Researchers in other fields such as
palaeontology, archaeology and the social sciences may also use these methods. Easy
to use programs for the PC to carry out these techniques and aimed to meet the
needs of ecologists are not presently available, and this has undoubtedly slowed the
introduction of these techniques into ecological analysis. Lotfi Zadeh introduced the
notion of a fuzzy set in 1965 as an approach for the handling of uncertain knowledge.
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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