12.10 Hedgerow Assistant
Hedgerow Assistant 
 provides the reliable way to survey hedgerows under the 1997
Hedgerows Regulations.
The 1997 Hedgerows Regulations provide standards by which hedgerows are
evaluated and protected. The rules are complex and hard to interpret. Hedgerow
Assistant guides you through the survey procedure, telling you which species to look
for, which parts of the hedge to survey and which features to record. For
environmental surveyors it saves time, work and money.
Features include:
Step by step hedgerow evaluation.
Lists of Red Data Book and Scheduled species.
Full texts of relevant legislation.
Advises on which parts of the hedge to survey.
On line help to interpret complex clauses.
Prints field survey forms to guide data collection.
12.11 Simply Growth
Simply Growth
 is a windows program to analyse growth curves from length and/or
weight data.
The program will fit and plot von Bertalanffy, Gompertz and Logistic growth curves to
your data. These curves are used to model the growth of a wide variety of organisms
but are not simple to fit, as they require the estimation of a number of parameters by
non linear regression.
Particular care has been taken to allow data to be quickly and easily imported from
spreadsheet programs such as Excel and the plots can be exported in a variety of
forms .
12.12 Simply Probits
Simply Probits
 is a windows program to estimate lethal or environmental
concentrations using toxicity data.
The program offers two types of analysis.
Lethal dose calculations: a probit analysis of the survival of organisms exposed to a
range of concentrations. Conforms to ISO/DIS 146609.
Growth analysis: studies the inhibition in the growth of organisms exposed to
different levels of a compound.
Conforms to ISO 10253 .
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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