This often indicates that there are rows or columns with no data in them. Use the
Handling Zeros button on the working data tab to find and remove the offending row
or column.
6. My files do not appear to be saved
This is may be caused by the lack of the correct file extension. The program only
shows files with the .csv extension. To see other files in the open file dialog type *.*
into the file name box and press return.   WARNING this will show all the files in the
directory   whether they are compatible with the program or not. If you have saved a
file without an extension either add the extension outside the program or open the file
and save with the correct extension using  Save as... 
7. When I press F1, no Help screen appears.
Ensure that the window on which you are seeking help is the active one.
Jongman, R. H. G., Ter Braak, C. F. J. & van Tongeren (eds) 1987. Data Analysis
in Community and Landscape Ecology. Cambridge University Press, England.
Legendre, P & Legendre, L. 1998. Numerical Ecology 2nd Ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam,
Palmer, M. W. 1993. Putting things in even better order: the advantages of
canonical correspondence analysis. Ecology 74:2215 30.
Demonstration version
The Pisces website contains a downloadable demonstration version of ECOM. It is the
full version of the program with the following limitations.:
1. It is supplied pre loaded with with a single pair of 
demo data sets
(Dune_species.csv & Dune_enviro.csv).
2. The data screens are not editable.
3. It is not possible to Copy/Paste from/to the data screens.
In all other respects the demonstration program is fully functional and will give you
plenty of opportunity to explore its methods, features and graphical output quality.
Download it at 
http://www.pisces conservation.com/freestuff.html
, our page that
contains all our program demo downloads, program manuals and e book samples.
For publication purposes this product should be cited as follows:
Environmental Community Analysis Version 2.0, 2004, Pisces Conservation Ltd.
Lymington, UK (www.pisces conservation.com)
Copyright 2004  PISCES Conservation Ltd

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