amount of time and energy to the writing of a book. I have done my 
best to guard against errors, but of imperfections I am fully conscious. 
My task has been lightened by the constant encouragement of my 
wife, and by the great kindness of fellow naturalists to whom I have 
turned for advice and assistance. 
With few exceptions the photographs of spiders have been taken by 
W. H. T. Tams from specimens with which I have supplied him. I owe 
him a deep debt of gratitude for his patience, kindness and skill. The 
exceptions are Pl. II, figs. 7 and 8, Pl. VI, fig. 6, Pl. VII, fig. 1. Pl. 
VIII, fig. 8, by H. Main, Pl. XIV, fig. 2, Pl. XV, figs. 2 and 4, by S. 
Ballance, and Pl. XVIII, fig. 2, by E. A. Robins, to all of whom I owe 
my best thanks. 

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