think in terms of counties, and by retaining them as our units of area 
we are more likely to enlist the services of the large band of naturalists 
who have no inclination to delve too deeply into intricate problems of 
distribution. The alternative divisions which have been suggested are 
arbitrary. To my mind they offer no important advantage, whilst not a 
few of the published spider records could not be assigned with 
certainty to the correct division, so I have preferred to discuss 
distribution under (
counties and countries, and (
different types of 
environment. In the present chapter counties and countries will engage 
our attention. 
The Family divisions employed throughout the present book are 
those recommended in a recent paper (Bristowe, 1938). These do not 
differ greatly from those of E. Simon (1892 1903), whose invaluable 
work has remained an inspiration to all subsequent arachnologists. 
The nomenclature has undergone many changes, and it is feared 
that we have by no means reached finality yet. Some explanation is 
needed of the difficulties with which we are confronted, and of the 
grounds for changing some of the names by which we have known 
British species for many years. 
In the first place it is essential for careful comparisons to be made 
of several British and continental species before their true identity and 
the validity of the names they bear can be established with certainty. 
Many of the doubts which formerly existed have already been cleared 
up by Dr. Jackson, and it is hoped that in the near future he will 
complete a task for which no one is better qualified. 
A second disturbing feature lies in the periodic discovery of earlier 
descriptions than those previously believed to be the first. One such 
discovery forces me to sink 
Enoplognatha maritima 
Sim. 1884 as a 
synonym of
L. Koch 1882. Where, as in this case, the 
type is available the change becomes essential. In other cases there is 
often some degree 

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