J. E. Hull pointed out in 1920 that authors had followed Kulczynski 
in his mistaken use of 
C.L.K. and its allies. 
Simon (1929) agreed with this conclusion and formed new genera for 
their inclusion, overlooking the fact that Hull had proposed the name 
in 1920. 
In one or two cases genera have had to be renamed in accordance 
with the rules of nomenclature. Although 
has been applied 
to spiders for a hundred years it must now be discarded for this 
purpose. Templeton's paper in the `Zoological Journal', Pt. 20, is 
labelled 1832 34, but we know from a reference in the `Magazine of 
Natural History' for December, 1834 (p. 656), that this was not 
actually published until December, 1834, or later, whereas W. 
Swainson had given the name to a bird in 1833 (`Zool. Illustr.'). I 
propose the new name 
to take the place of 
The rules laid down by the International Commission of Zoological 
Nomenclature have been largely disregarded by French and British 
arachnologists. The rule with the most important consequences is that 
no names prior to the appearance of the tenth edition of Linnaeus' 
`Systema Naturae' in 1758 are valid. This decision means that 
Clerck's names (1757) for many of our commonest species must be 
abandoned. Being reluctant to introduce such changes I have 
corresponded with Dr. Karl Jordan, President of the International 
Commission, and voiced my strong objections, but he is emphatic that 
no exceptions can be allowed in any circumstances. 
Other opinions given me by the President of the International 
Commission after full consideration of the facts can be listed below: 
1. A genitive patronymic should always be formed by adding to the 
exact name an  i ,
Thus the 
termination should be  ii  only where, as in certain Italian names, the 
name ends with  i  in the first place. 

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