Without claiming to have made any exhaustive search of the foreign 
literature I have provided a fairly comprehensive list of the countries 
in which our British species are known. What we see is a gradual 
reduction in their numbers as we travel away from Britain eastward, 
northward and southward. Unfortunately the extent of this progressive 
reduction is magnified by a parallel diminution in our knowledge of 
the spider faunas of the respective countries. The approximate number 
of British species known in different countries abroad is indicated 
France, 494: Belgium, Holland and Germany combined, 453: 
Denmark, 373; Switzerland, 399; Austria, Hungary and 
Czechoslovakia, 410; Norway and Sweden combined, 280; Iceland, 
59 out of a total of 65; Greenland, 17 out of a total of 50; Spitsbergen, 
6 out of a total of 14;
Spain, Portugal and Majorca, 217; Italy, 240; the 
Balkans, 200; N. Africa, 130; Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands 
combined, 52; Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Iraq combined, 80; 
European Russia, 322; Asiatic Russia, 202 (of which 90 extend to the 
eastern coast in Kamtschatka, Amur and the Maritime Provinces); 
China, 44; Japan, 30; N. America, 79. 
In this review we follow the distribution of British species abroad 
down to a latitude of 30 . If we pursue our search beyond this we find 
they disappear entirely in the tropical regions of America, Africa and 
Asia except for the species which survive in Britain solely in hot 
houses. On arrival in the temperate regions of the Southern 
hemisphere a few British species reappear   2 or 3 in S. America, 6 in 
S. Africa, 4 in S. Australia and 8 in New Zealand. 
Synonyms in brackets refer to the names employed by O. P. 
Cambridge in his 1900 list.* References to subsequent additions are 
*Foreign arachnologists should take special note of this. When they find that 
Enoplognatha caricis 
Fick and 
Hilaira montigena
 L.K., for instance, are cited as synonyms of 
L.K. and 
Thor. respectively, this is not intended to suggest that the 
species are identical. It merely records the fact that in the 1900 list such species were so 

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