SCOT: Invern., Perth, Edinb., Fife, Stirl., Argyll, Berw., Kirkcud., Bute, Ayr, Renfr., 
Dumfr., Moray, Aberd., Ross, Orkneys and W. Coast islands. 
ABROAD: Fr., Belg., Holl., Germ., Czecho., Hung., Switz., Sw., Norw., Denm., Eur. and 
As. Russ. (to Kamtsch.), Sp., Port., Andorra, Cors., Sic., It., Greece, Roum., Turk. 
(Eur.), Armen., Palest. 
Dictyna major
Cambr. ) 
SCOT: Hadd., Invern., Moray. 
ABROAD: Fr., Holl., Germ., Hung., Denm., Greenland, Labrador, As. Russ. (Kamtsch.). 
Dictyna uncinata 
ENG: All counties except Bedf., Derby, Monm., Somer. Recorded Scilly and I. of Wight; 
not I. of Man. 
WAL: Denb., Flint, Merion. 
IRE: Antrim, Galw., Roscom., Kerry, Tipper. 
ABROAD: Fr., Belg., Germ., Holl., Hung., Czecho., Switz., Denm., Sw., Arctic Norw., 
Eur. and As. Russ. (to Archangel and Kamtsch.), Roum., Sp., Port. 
Dictyna pusilla 
ENG: Dors., Hants., Surr., Suss., Bucks., Oxf., Suff., Notts. 
WAL: Brecon. 
SCOT: Invern. 
ABROAD: Fr., Germ., Czecho., Hung., Denm., Sw., Finl., Eur. and As. Russ. (to 
Kamtsch.), Roum. 
Dictyna latens
ENG: Recorded I. of Wight, Scilly, Channel Is. and all counties except Bedf., Chesh., 
Durh., Derby, Hunts., Leic., Northants, Worcs., Somer., Rutl., Suff., Norf., Monm. 
WAL: Pemb., Denb., Carn., Anglesey, Bardsey and Skomer Is. 
IRE: L'derry, Galw., Kerry, Dubl., Wexf., Queen's, Carlow. 
ABROAD: Fr., Belg., Holl., Denm., Czecho., Hung., Switz., It., Yugo., Bulg., Greece, Eur. 
Russ., Andorra, Sp., Port., Morocco, Tunis, Alg. 
Dictyna puella 
Sim. (
Plate I, fig. 4.
ENG: Cornw., Dev., Dors., Wilts., Hants., I. of Wight, Surr., Suss., Berks., Channel Is. 
ABROAD: Fr., Andorra, Sp., Port., Cors., Sardin., It., Majorca, Hung., Holl., Tunis, Alg., 
Canary, Mad. 
Dictyna flavescens 
(A. R. Jackson, `Proc. Dors. N.H. & A.F.C.', 1924.) 
ENG: Dev., Dors., Hants., Surr., Suss., Durh., Channel Is. 
ABROAD: Fr., Belg., Germ., Czecho., Hung., Switz., Bulg., Greece, Turkey (Eur.), Sp., 
Port., Az., Mad., Alg. 
Dictyna viridissima 
ENG: Surr. (Kew and Box Hill). 
ABROAD: Fr., Belg., Holl., Switz., Hung., Czecho., Yugo., It., Greece, Turkey (Eur.), Sp., 
Port., Majorca, Sic., Alg., Russ. (S. Eur.). 
Altella lucida 
Sim. (
Amphissa spinigera 
ENG: Dors., Herts. 
ABROAD: Fr., Germ. 

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