Lathys humilis
Lethia h
ENG: Dev., Dors., Hants., I. of Wight, Kent, Surr., Suss., Middx., Glos., Bucks., Berks., 
Oxf., Herts., Ess., Heref., Warw., Cambr., Suff., Staffs., Chesh., Notts., Lincs., Channel 
ABROAD: Fr., Germ., Holl., Belg., Denm., Hung., Switz., Eur. Russ., Andorra, Cors., 
Alg., Egypt (var.), China. 
Lathys stigmatisata 
(A. R. Jackson, `Proc. Dors. N.H. & A.F.C.', 1924.) 
ENG: Cornw. (Kynance Cove), Dev. (Lundy, 1928 and 1938).  
ABROAD: Fr., Germ., Holl., Hang., Switz. 
Protadia patula
Dictyna p
ENG: Suss., Lancs., Chesh. 
WAL: Glam., Flint. 
ABROAD: Fr., Sp., Alg. 
Argenna subnigra
Protadia s
ENG: Cornw., Dors., Hants., I. of Wight, Surr., Suss., Glos., Heref., Warw., Staffs., 
Chesh., Yorks. 
WAL: Pemb. 
ABROAD: Fr., Germ., Austr., Switz., Eur. Russ. 
*Ciniflo ferox 
Walck. (
Amaurobius ferox 
Plate I, fig. 6.
ENG: Lundy, Scilly, I. of Wight, Channel Is., I. of Man, and all counties except Bucks., 
Hunts., Leis., Monm., Rutl., Westmor., Northants.  
WAL: Glam., Pemb., Carmar., Montg., Merion., Anglesey. 
IRE: Dubl., Meath, Kildare, Cork, Kerry, Down, Galw., Limer., Kilken., Wexf., Armagh, 
Louth, Carlow, Queen's, Tipper.  
SCOT: Edinb., Fife, Hadd. 
ABROAD: Fr., Holl., Belg., Germ., Denm., Czecho., Hung., Switz., It., Cors., Sp., Port., 
Ciniflo similis 
Bl. (
Amaurobius s
Plate I, fig. 7.
ENG: Scilly, Lundy, I. of Wight, Channel Is., I. of Man and every county. 
WAL: Anglesey, Bardsey, Pemb. Islands and every county. 
IRE: All counties except Waterf., Meath, Westmeath, Roscom., Leitr., Monag. 
SCOT: Invern., Banff, Perth, Edinb., Linlithg., Fife, Hadd., Argyll, Lanark, Renfr., Ross, 
Caithn., and W. coast islands.  
ABROAD: Fr., Germ., Holl., Belg., Denm., Norw., Switz., Andorra, Sp. 
Ciniflo fenestralis
Amaurobius f
Plate I, fig. 8.
ENG: Scilly, I. of Wight, Lundy, Channel Is., I. of Man, and all counties except Hunts. 
WAL: Pemb. islands and all counties. 
IRE: Antrim, L'derry, Cork, Dubl., Galw., Kerry, Down, Clare, Wexf., Carlow, King's. 
Meath, Sligo, Westmeath, Cavan, Louth, Monag., Armagh, Doneg., Lambay and W. 
* The reasons for reintroducing the genus 
in place of 
will be found on 
p. 6. 
A record of 
Titanoeca obscura 
Walck. (
Hahn   O.P. Cambridge, 1912) 
from Devon is probably an immature specimen of 
Ciniflo ferox 
Walck. and must therefore be 
dropped from the British list. 

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