Grasses, Heather, Gorse, Holly, Box, Yew, Conifers and Oak. 
This general preference can be accounted for in a number of ways. 
It can be supposed that the chemotactic sense of spiders situated in 
their leg tarsi causes several plants, including Mint, Rosemary and 
Lemon Verbena, to be distasteful to them. Their aversion to mouldy 
vegetation may be accounted for in similar fashion, and the same 
sense, or another, may also cause spiders to be repelled by the 
somewhat sticky stems of Bluebells. 
Another factor is the density of the foliage. Provided a herb grows 
in compact tufts (
Marram), or a shrub has dense foliage (
. Gorse), 
a special climate is offered to those which penetrate therein. Here 
extremes will be avoided. There is shelter from wind. A certain degree 
of humidity is maintained even in dry weather (see the section on 
Sandhills). Extremes of temperature will be avoided and protection 
from rapid fluctuations afforded. 
The rigidity of plant stems and branches is of special importance to 
web builders, and shrubs or trees with rigid twigs or leaves, such as 
the Monkey Puzzle, Gorse or Holly, will always be favoured with a 
quantity of snares provided they are growing in a sheltered situation. 
The abundance of insect life living on or coming to different plants 
also affects the number of spiders which can survive there. On the 
other hand, is it possible that some insects have secured a certain 
degree of immunity from spiders, one of their principal enemies, by 
colonizing plants which are repellent to spiders? 
Spiders vary so much in their habits and requirements that it should 
be no cause for surprise if we find that different species favour 
different plants. The extent to which spiders reject or select particular 
plants varies considerably. Some species seem to flourish on almost 
any kind of plant; some favour only a few plants; a small number are 
restricted to one plant, and have become specially adapted for life on 
Aranea diadema 
Linn. and 
Meta reticulata 
Linn. are 

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