examples of species which cannot be associated in our minds with any 
particular plants, so many do they favour. 
Others appear to have marked preferences and to flourish on 
relatively few. Though found, perhaps, on a number of plants these 
spiders may be regarded as having their headquarters on one or two. 
Just a few examples include 
Diaea dorsata 
Fab. (Yew, Box, Oak), 
Philodromus histrio 
Latr. (Heather, Gorse), 
Ballus depressus 
Sitticus floricola 
Walck. (Cotton Grass), 
Theridion notatum
Linn. (Holly, Gorse), 
Drapetisea socialis 
Sund. (Beech, Pine), and 
Mangora acalypha 
Walck. (Heather). 
Competition between spiders is lessened by the selection of 
different parts of the plant on which to live and catch their prey. 
Different species are more or less restricted to the bole of trees, the 
roots of herbage, the trunks of trees, crevices in the bark, the stems of 
herbs, the branches or twigs, the leaves or flowers. 
Marpissa pomatia 
Walck., for instance, specializes on the heads of 
Sitticus floricola 
Walck. on the fluffy heads of Cotton Grass. 
Linn. spends its days beneath the loose bark of trees, for 
which its flattened body suits it. The elongated bodies, colour, and 
stance of 
suit them for life on the stems of 
herbs. The colour of 
for life in flowers. The 
colour and somewhat flat bodies of 
Drapetisca socialis 
Sund. and 
Philodromus levipes 
Linn. for life on tree trunks (and lichen on tree 
trunks in the case of the latter). Examples could be multiplied, but we 
should be trespassing on the subject of protective resemblance, with 
which we shall be dealing in our second volume. 
Specialization for life on a limited number of plants is indicated in 
some of these examples, but this is carried to its extreme in the case of 
a Malaysian spider, 
Misumenops nepenthicola 
Poc., which restricts 
itself to, and is adapted for, life within the pitchers of 

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