PISCES Conservation Ltd
 is a well known 
environmental consultancy and software house 
with expertise in both engineering projects and 
conservation schemes. Formed in 1996 by 
experienced scientists from the UK power 
industry and major British universities,  PISCES 
has developed a skilled, practical approach to 
the provision of environmental expertise to 
industry, conservation organizations and 
teachers. We have extensive international 
experience and recent studies have included 
work in Peru, Brazil, USA, Belgium and 
 for ecologists is one of our core 
areas; Pisces staff are working ecologists, and 
hence understand the need of researchers for 
robust, powerful and easy to use analytical 
tools. We write and sell a wide range of 
software packages covering all commonly used 
techniques and methods, and we are also happy to produce 
bespoke packages for more specialised analysis. For example, we 
have recently developed an expert system for hedgerow surveys 
and a database for conservation monitoring of butterfly numbers. 
In addition, we have a range of multimedia CDs providing images 
and information on subjects stretching from the European 
Orchidaceae to the ecology of the Amazon Basin. As well as 
writing software, we regularly hold workshops on methods of 
multivariate analysis. 
Environmental impact assessment
 is one activity where the 
strengths of PISCES staff are particularly relevant. Engineering 
and construction schemes often require a rapid, practical 
ecological survey and prediction at the scoping and final 
assessment levels. We take pride in the speed and accuracy with 
which we can undertake such tasks. The company has particular 
expertise in the assessment and mitigation of the impact of power 
generation on the environment. 
Pisces holds a large library of reports and papers on the effects of 
power plants. Much of the grey literature is almost impossible to 
obtain from libraries and we offer a reprint and photocopying 
service   visit 
 for more details. 

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