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TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Actionswebhosting.com

Why Choose Actionswebhosting.com?

Seemingly, there are many choices when it comes to picking a hosting provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes clear. Discover the main reasons why Actionswebhosting.com  is the right choice for you.

Trusted by 5,000 Customers
Actionswebhosting.com's number one asset is our growing base of loyal customers. Small and large customers rely on Actionswebhosting.com to provide secure, reliable and value-rich hosting services.


Total Dedication to Customers Satisfaction
Superior support sets us apart from the bargain-basement Web hosts. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, 24/7 live support, so we're there whenever you need us.


Risk free decision with our 30 Day Money Back guarantee
Try us out today because .you have absolutely nothing to lose!
With the protection of our 30 Day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied by your decision to host with us you will get your money back in full within 24h of cancellation - "no question asked".


Knowledgeable and Friendly Tech Support Team
When you have any technical issue or a problem you will be assisted by a real person, who knows what he/she is talking about, and will treat you with respect!
We only have one request, treat us with respect, and we will turn the earth over to solve your problem even if it is way out of our job description!


Stable, Secure, Reliable Network
Our servers use exclusively RedHat Linux as Operating System, which is the most stable and most reliable solution for an Internet server.

Ultra Fast Link: The servers are running on 4x155 Mb link to provide very ultra fast speed for your applications.
All servers are connected directly onto the four most important American backbone providers: Verio, Time Warner, Cogent, Allegiance which insures stability and reliability of the network.

Server Security is our #2 Priority (#1 is client satisfaction)

Our major focus and concern is server security and we are always completely up to date on any and all security issues and application vulnerabilities.
All our servers are behind a firewall !!
This is one of the major security measures in the prevention of hacking attempts.


99.6% Server Uptime
99.6% server uptime track record means that our server is only inaccessible 0.03% of the time. For you, this means that your site could be off-line for a maximum of 5 minutes a month


Free Control Panel
Allows you to take full control of your web site.
Our control panel is user friendly and comes with full support so even the beginners can menage their site with ease.
Click here to see a demo


Free Email Virus Protection
Email Virus Scan provides protection against email borne viruses.
Actionswebhosting.com's new anti-virus email filter scans all email attachments in real time as they pass through Actionswebhosting.com's mail servers. Our scanners are able to detect 80% of all known viruses. The scanners will recognize and stop the viruses from entering your system, deleting your files and damaging your computer. Don't put your whole system at risk!


We Grow with You
From dedicated servers to managed services, Actionswebhosting.com  is right there with the support and additional services you might need.


Because our clients recommend our service

20 More reasons Why our clients think you should host with us on the Testimonials page

Order Now And Get Your Account Activated In Less Than 5 Hours!



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