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Billing - Answers

How long I need to wait after signup to receive account info?
Your account will be set up within3 hours.

Is there minimum contract period?
Minimum period is 1 month! You can also cancel your account at any time after that (or before). You can choose to pay monthly, yearly or bi-yearly.

In which currency are your prices?
All prices are in US$.

What payment options do you support?
We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. You can also pay for plans for 1 or 2 years via Moneybookers and Payza . If you want to pay via Moneybookers or Payza send request to sales (at) and we will arrange payment for you.

Payment frequency/ term?
You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly (every 3 months) or yearly. Some payment options do not allow for monthly payments, but require the minimum 3 months to be paid (i.e.. bank transfer and check).
Automatic Payment and Online Credit Card Payment (PayPal) enable you to set the payments on autopilot so that the money is automatically transferred on the specified date each month without you having to remember anything.

If at some point you decide that you don't need our services any more, simply inform us and the payments for the following month will be suspended (if you paid via automatic payment or online.

Do you accept international orders?
Absolutely, we welcome potential clients from all over the world.

Servers - Answers

Which platform of operating system does servers use?
Our servers use CentOS Linux and Apache Web Server, the best and the most reliable Internet server solution.

What kind of Internet connection do servers have?
Our servers are located on 1000 mbit/s BGP4 multi-homed OC3 fiber optic link and they are directly connected onto four the most important American backbone providers -,,, and This offers you security that your site will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all 365 days a year.

What is the most typical configuration for an web server?
We use Intel Xeon servers , with 4 TB disks in RAID and minimum 64 GB RAM

Is there a size limit of a file that I can transfer/post onto web server?
Generally no. Only if the size of a file is bigger than the quota that you have for your web hosting plan (for example 50 GB for regular web hosting plan).

What are your Domain Name Servers (DNS)?
We have dozen od DNS servers.  You will receive yours in account activation email.

Where are your servers located?
We have 2 data centers. One is located in Los Angeles, CA , USA and other in Bochum, Germany.

What domain extensions can I host with you?
We can host any domains, all around the world. Of course we can host the popular COM, NET, ORG and EDU domains, but we also support all new domains such as .INFO , .WS and .BIZ. In addition to that, you can host any other country domain name such as .CO.UK.

Domain - Answers

What do I need to do in order to transfer my web site from my current hosting provider to you?
First order account , once you get account info, upload your website content than change DNS servers for your domain name to ours at your domain name registrar website. You will receive DNS servers in your account activation email.

How do I update (change) my DNS records?
Simply go to the place where you registered your domain name. Log in to your account and change the details where it says primary & secondary DNS. Instead of the details that are there at the moment you should put DNS servers which you received from us.

If someone else registered your domain name on your behalf you will need to contact them and ask them to update your DNS into the above.

On the other hand, you can let us do all this for you. It is a complimentary service and will not cost you anything. You will need to give us the login name and password of the site where you brought the domain and we will do the rest for you!

How long does a registration of a new domain take?
New domain will be registered couple of hours upon the receipt of your request.
Your registered domain name will be functional 12-24  hours from when you register it.
This is because the DNS databases need some time to synchronize and refresh the information for your domain.

I want to transfer my hosting from my existing provider to you. To do this will I need to transfer my domain name too?
No you will not need to transfer your domain name. What you will need to do is update the DNS records so that they are now pointing to our servers. It's free to do this. See Above question for "how to" instructions.

Can register a domain name for me?
Yes we can register .com .biz .org .net .ws .info .us .eu .de .fr .mobi .co .nl .asia .it .tel domain names at the cost of $18 per year.

Am I the owner of the domain that registers for me?
Yes. We register domains on your behalf. That domain is completely your property; we only do administrative work and give technical support.

Do I need to have a registered domain name to have a web site online?
You don't necessarily have to have a registered domain in order for us to host your web site. You can use alternative URL as . However, by registering your own domain you secure your or your company's existence on the Internet. Even if you do not plan to upload a website at this moment, by registering your own domain you save from being registered by somebody else. If you plan to host use java on your website than you must register or have active domain name with your account.

What domain extensions can you host?
Yes we can host ANY domain name extensions.

Can you host international (country specific) domain names?
Yes we can host ANY international domain name, from ANY country.

Emails - Answers

Will I be able to check my emails when I am away from my home/office computer?
Yes, We have web mail option. What this means is that you can log on to the internet (to the address we will give you once you sign up) and check your mail from any computer that has internet access.

How to configure my Outlook Express for receiving e-mail messages?
Easiest way is to login into your cpanel, create users, than download setup .reg file for your user. Once you download it double click on it and it will automatically setup your email client. Otherwhise follow instructions from cPanel.

How much space do I have for every email account?
The size limit for your email account is determined by the space of the disc of your web hosting plan (for example, if you have a regular web hosting plan, the size is 50 GB together with other information's and setup files).

I cannot login to the POP or SMTP servers to send/retrieve my email?
Make sure you specified the correct POP and SMTP servers in your email settings, and that your user ID (or alias) and password are correct. Your POP and SMTP servers should be set to and Also for e-mail you must use or for login and your password for password.

What are POP3 Accounts?
POP3 accounts are email accounts that you can receive email from your visitors on the Internet. They allow you to receive email only. (We recommend that you send your email through your SMTP of your Internet Service provider.) POP3 accounts come with their own username and password to access them. With POP3 email, you can create a very well organized site with different POP3 accounts for different areas of your web pages.

What are Email auto responders?
Email auto responders allow you to setup an email account with the ability to auto-reply with a given message when someone sends email to it. It looks like a pop account. You have probably seen one when you send email to somewhere and it comes right back with We got your email or something to that effect. That was most likely an auto responder.

Website - Answers

What I need to know to upload my web site via Frontpage?
In Frontpage click on first on File than on Publish Web. For publish destination use and after than you will be asked for username and password. After you submit this information Frontpage will upload your web content to the server.

How can I change FrontPage password for my site admin user?
All FrontPage related management is done from within the FrontPage client software itself.
Open Microsoft FrontPage, then open the FrontPage Web you wish to work on. Understand that you must be opening the Web directly from the web server, and not your hard drive. In other words, make sure you are opening the site from, not c:\whatever.
Once the web is open, click on "Tools" at the top menu, select "Server", then slide your mouse over and then choose one of the following three that pertains to what you want to manage:

Administration Home...
Change Password...

All three of the selections relate to the administration of users and passwords within your FrontPage Web (s).
Note: The above directions are for the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 version of the software. If you are using an older version, the directions will be similar, but not exactly the same.

How can I upload my website to servers?
Uploading of your site to our web servers is done by FTP protocol ( File Transfer Protocol) , SCP protocol or with Frontpage Publish Web Tool. FTP is a protocol which computers use to transfer data from one computer in a net to another. For using FTP protocol you need FTP software. Every Windows has DOS-based FTP software. If you need a better and more advanced version of FTP program, you can download it from The most popular FTP clients are WS_FTP and Coffee Cup FTP Client. After the installation of FTP client, you need to enter the information about the address of the server, username and password that we have sent to you by e-mail at the time of setting up your account.

Is there a size limit of a file that I can transfer/post onto web server?
Generally no. Only if the size of a file is bigger than the quota that you have for your web hosting plan (for example 50 GB for regular web package).

What are basic FTP parameters?
For uploading a site you use your FTP client. FTP client needs this information in order to connect to your site:
Password: your password

You will see some directories when you link to the root of your site

Do not delete or rename any of your initial directories.

You will upload your files in public_html dir, otherwise you will not be able to see your site

How can I use and create subdomains inside my account ?
Just click on Subdomains icon inside your cPanel.

What I need to do so that my CGI scripts can work at servers?
First of all you need to create .htaccess file in dir from which you want to use your CGI scripts (If you want that dir be mainwebsite_html you just need to add rules into file because it is already created. Do not erase your .htaccess file in your mainwebsite_html dir because that will brake your Frontpage Extensions configuration):

Options +FollowSymlinks
Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script cgi pl

After that in editor create a simple test program:


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print " Rules";

After that save it under the name test.cgi change the attribute of that file to 755 that is, do a command chmod 755 test.cgi. Than go to and check does your CGI script works

Can I administrate my MySQL database via web?
Yes you can do that with phpMyAdmin tool. Go to URL and login into your Control Panel. After that click on phpMyAdmin icon to manage it.


JSP/J2EE/Servlets/Struts/Tomcat - Answers

On which plan are jsp/servlets supported?
They are supported with all our web hosting plans.

What version of Tomcat are you running?
We're running shared Tomcat 5.5.37 with regular plan. With java expert and business plan you can run any version you want.

Under which plan I can run JBoss and Glassfish?

Because JBoss and Glassfish requires lot of RAM you can run them only under java expert or reseller plan.

Can I deploy my application using a war file?
Yes, create a war file and name it file.war and place in the root directory of your web space (public_html folder with regular plan  / appservers/apache-tomcat-7x/webapps/ROOT under private JVM plans like business and java expert and reseller plan) The contents will automatically be deployed when the JVM is restarted.

Do I get my own WEB-INF directory?
Yes, you have your own WEB-INF directory

Under which plan I can run Hibernate and EJB/EJB3?

They work only under business, java expert and reseller plans.

Can I restart the Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish service at any time?
Only under business, java expert andd reseller plans.

Can I use third-party Java packages?
Yes, of course! You can install any Java packages of any version you want. All web hosting accounts come with JDBC preinstalled. We can also assist in installing popular Java packages. In general, all you need to do is include the JAR file in your lib directory.

My applications were developed with older version of Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish. Will they work on your system?
Yes you can use any Tomcat, Glassfish or JBoss version under java expert and reseller plans.

Do you support Struts?

How to setup servlets and deploy my app?

Servlet setup for shared Tomcat - READ CAREFULLY

To setup servlet, you need to configure servlet into the file web.xml which needs to be placed in public_html/WEB-INF directory.

www root directory or webapps:public_html
Classes directory located in: public_html/WEB-INF/Classes/
There you will need to upload your Java class file.

Our default url-mapping for servlet is: /servlet/*
To check servlet in your browser:
Jsp Files - Upload anywhere in public_html

Double Check that that url-mapping for servlers is entered correctly in web.xml
Double Check that Java class file is uploaded in the correct place.
Without these two things your servlet will not work.

Servlet setup and application deployment for private Tomcat - READ CAREFULLY

To deploy your application with private Tomcat, just upload application folder into ROOT folder of your private Tomcat - for example appservers/apache-tomcat-7x/webapps/ROOT or appservers/apache-tomcat-7x/webapps . After that login into cpanel, click on NGASI icon, than click on 2nd icon on right panel side called "Web Server And Hosting Manager configuration" . Once inside you need to setup mapping for your application folder. If you uploaded your application into appservers/apache-tomcat-7x/webapps/ROOT ,and folder have for example name "app" , enter /app/ into filed than click on Add button. If you uploaded your application into appservers/apache-tomcat-7x/webapps folder than enter /app into field and click on Add button.

After that open your browser and enter to see your application.

If you want you can also deploy your application with war file. To do that upload it into webapps or webapps/ROOT folder than restart JVM to deploy it. Create mapping as in previous example.

If you want to show up your application under (without folder) than you need to upload application files into ROOT folder of your Tomcat, Jboss or Glassfish. After that go to NGASI, click on 2nd icon on right panel side called "Web Server And Hosting Manager Configuration" than click on Enable wildcard mapping. You can also create exceptions for folders which you want to keep under Apache, for example for cpanel create /cpanel for webmail create /webmail etc. or any other folder.

Viewing Tomcat Logs
Tomcat logs are not available under shared Tomcat with regular web hosting plan.

With business, java expert and reseller plan you can view your log files any time .By default all the logging activity will be placed under logs folder inside your private Tomcat, Jboss or Glassfish. For Tomcat , default logging dir is appservers/apache-tomcat-7x/logs
You can also "tail" your log file via ssh with tail -f catalina.out command .
Viewing the logs is recommended when you suspect that errors are occurring during the loading/reloading of your web application.
SSH access is now enabled by default with all hosting accounts.

Connect jsp/java <> mysql

Please make sure that you have created database through the control panel and that you have setup password for db.
Write down your database name - this is very important!
Instructions for database set up available in your initial account activation email titled " MySQL Set Up Instructions"
After this steps, edit dbtest.jsp and enter correct information's, upload this two files and test them.
This is an example with MySQL driver.
We also support com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- File 1: dbtest.jsp

String dbhost1 = request.getParameter("dbhost");
String dbname1 = request.getParameter("dbname");
String user1 = request.getParameter("user");
String pass1 = request.getParameter("pass");

if( dbhost1==null )
if( dbname1==null )
if( user1==null)
if( pass1==null )

<form action="dbsubmit.jsp" method=get>
<td><input size=60 name="dbhost" type=text value="<%=dbhost1%>">
<td><input size=60 name="dbname" type=text value="<%=dbname1%>">
<td><input name="user" type=text value="<%=user1%>">
<td><input name="pass" type=text value="<%=pass1%>">
<td colspan="2">
<input type=submit>


------------------------------------End of dbtest.jsp


File 2 - dbsubmit.jsp

String dbhost = request.getParameter("dbhost");
String dbname = request.getParameter("dbname");
String user = request.getParameter("user");
String pass = request.getParameter("pass");
String connURL =

java.sql.Connection conn = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(connURL);
response.getWriter().println("<font color=green><b>");
response.getWriter().println("Connection success!!!");
catch(Exception e)
response.getWriter().println("<font color=red><b>[");
response.getWriter().println("Connection URL:["+connURL+"]");

<%@include file="dbtest.jsp"%>

--------------------------------End of dbsubmit.jsp

Other - Answers

Are your hosting plans upgradeable? What's the procedure?
You can upgrade your plan at any point! There is no charge for upgrading plans!
The upgrade procedure is very simple...just drop us an email requesting an upgrade.

What happens when I exceed my bandwidth allowance?
All accounts now come with unlimited bandwidth so you cant exceed it.

Is there a way to monitor account bandwidth so I know how much I'm using?
Yes, you can monitor your bandwidth through the web site stats that are included in each plan

I have an Ecommerce web site. Which hosting plan does that go under?
An ecommerce site can be hosted under any of our plans. To choose which plan is best you will need to consider your storage and bandwidth requirements and whether your site has a database or not. For ecommerce websites we recommend business or java expert plan.

Can you host international (country specific) domain names?
Yes we can host ANY international domain name, from ANY country.

Will you place any flashing banners or ads on my site?
Absolutely Not.

What control panel is offered with your hosting packages?
All out hosting packages are equipped with cPanel control panel.
Click here to see demo.

How do I create and maintain MySQL database?
You can create MySQL databases via MySQL Wizzard inside cpanel, and maintain your MySQL databases through phpmyadmin.

Is my Macintosh computer compatible with your hosting plan?
Our web servers use standard FTP (file transfer protocol) and SCP(secure file transfer protocol). Therefore, you can build your site on any Macintosh or PC and use FTP or SCP to upload your website files to the live web server.


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